Act Home Health Owner and Registered Nurse Cathy Tolley envisioned a community that helped people to live better lives. Throughout the past two decades, Act Home Health has built that community, supported by skilled nurses and fueled by families.


Cathy Tolley makes a lifelong career goal a reality and opens a home health agency to serve Orange County, California. With furniture from garage sales and computers from Cathy’s home, Act Home Health opens its doors at 1801 Cabrillo Park Drive in Santa Ana, California, and receives its state license.


Act Home Health is certified to provide visit services for Medicare and Medi-Cal patients.


Act Home Health adds skilled private-duty nursing to its provided services.


Families, nurses, doctors, insurers and patients appreciate the service Act provides so much that Act needs a bigger home; Act moves to 1540 E. First Street in Santa Ana.


Due to the careful attention Act paid to financial management in its first years of operation, the company purchases new furnishings and computers for its office for the first time.


As a result of demand and word-of-mouth marketing in the community, Act continues to grow its patient and staff family. The California Department of Public Health’s Licensing and Certification Division and Medi-Cal both consider Act a highly reputable home health agency.


Act moves its office to 12431 Lewis Street in Garden Grove to offer more convenience to employees.


Act establishes an internet presence with a website and engages with patients, nurses and the community on social media.